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Following the health emergency regarding the new COVID-19 to limit its spread, the sanitization of environments, devices, and objects has become imperative, in addition to individual protection and prevention measures. This applies not only to the clinical, industrial and public sector but also to beauty and health professionals and their work environments, i.e. beauty centers (beauticians, hairdressers, make-up artists), gyms (personal trainers, slimming professionals), professional ambulatories or functional rehabilitation centers (physiotherapists, physio-aesthetic specialists and non-invasive aesthetic medicine operators).

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New COVID-19 emergency has imposed new disinfection and sanitation measures of work environments also to beauty and health professional workers and in this context ozone shows new ability. Ozone has proven to be highly effective in killing bacteria, fungi, and molds and inactivating viruses both on the surfaces and suspended in the air.

Ozone is proven to be effective also for the inactivation of the SARS virus, while for the novel COVID-19 it is supposed that it be equally effective but specific studies are needed.

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