Why use ozone generator & oxygen Nano bubble-generator for fish farming

The reason why you should to use an ozone generator & oxygen Nano bubble generator when feeding fish.

Fish farm
  • Eliminate odor and colors: the organic matter in the fish pond will bring odor and colors, ozone can eliminate the organic matter into harmless substances, then the odor and colors will disappear.
  • Increase dissolved oxygen: ozone will break down the air into single oxygen atom, and create small bubble in the water, it will increase the dissolved oxygen, High dissolved oxygen will help the fish grow fast and increase fish production.
  • Kill the germs and viruses: ozone has the ability to kill the germs and viruses, it will prevent and treat the disease caused during the fish farming, at the same time, ozone will reduce the bacterial and virus contamination of water quality.
  • Improve the water quality, ozone can break down the organic and inorganic matter in the water, high – quality water will increase the fish’s production and quality.
  • Improve the efficiency of aquaculture: Ozone can promote the digestion and absorption of fish, increase appetite, and improve the efficiency of aquaculture. In addition, ozone can also reduce the stress response of fish and reduce mortality during breeding.
  • Promote the growth of fish and shrimp: The use of ozone aquatic seedlings and juvenile fish cultivation can greatly reduce the mortality of juveniles and significantly improve the food conversion rate of fish.
  • Disinfect and oxidation organic pollutants: ozone is a strong oxidizing agent, it can disinfect and oxidation the organic pollutants, at the same time, increase the dissolved oxygen.
  • Nano bubble generator, is the best method to distribute ozone and oxygen into the water, nanoscale is the most efficiency for high density breeding

In short, using ozone oxygen generator Nano-explosion machine in fish ponds can improve water quality, promote fish growth and improve breeding efficiency.

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